J’ai trouvé sur Facebook le bingo du polyamour, avec toutes les questions que les gens posent aux polyamoureux. Et je me suis amusé à répondre à chaque question. Pour l’instant c’est en anglais: dès que j’aurai un moment, je ferai la traduction.




  • Are you Mormon? No.
  • Are you afraid of committment? No, I just know monogamy doesn’t work.
  • How do you have time for that? I meet each of my partners once a week. With 3 partners, it gives me 4 days of free time.
  • Where do you sleep? I sleep at my place, my partners sleep at their places.
  • What happens when you say the wrong name in bed? I don’t know, it never happened to me.
  • What about diseases? We use condoms and we get regularly tested.
  • When are you going to pick one? I don’t know yet: time will tell.
  • Were your parents like that? Yes/No (depending on your parents)
  • Do you ever get tired of having sex all the time? Sometimes… (it’s a difficult life, isn’t it?).
  • I could never do that! Too bad for you.
  • Marriage is between one man and one woman! I know, that’s why I’m not planning to get married.
  • FREE SPACE. Can I ask you a question: are you happy?
  • You sleep around then? Somehow…
  • Isn’t that cheating? No, cheating is lying, and I never lie.
  • Oh, so you’re swingers? No, each one has its own partners, and we rarely play together.
  • Which one is your favorite? This one, I had three kids with her.
  • You people must never have body issues! (I squeeze my big belly)
  • Will you have a threesome with me and my partner? OK, but you probably will not like it.
  • What about the children? They are fine, thanks.
  • So, you aren’t satisfied with just one person. No, and what about you?
  • I wish I could do that! OK, then do it!
  • What will happen when you want to settle down? I already settled down, don’t you see?
  • If my wife wants to sleep with another woman, that will be ok, but definitely not with another man! OK, your choice! hope your wife agrees with you.
  • Don’t you get jealous? No, why should I?